In concert with the Bishop, Cabinet and Conference Connectional Table, the intent of this leadership track is to provide a delivery system of accredited coaches, who will respond to the particular needs for enhancing the level of leadership performance within the life of local congregations. Through this system, coaches accredited by the Academy will guarantee the provision of a credible level of leadership development expertise and spiritual maturity for helping clergy and laity to respond creatively in building healthy and effective congregations.

Such coaches will provide services, such as responding creatively to leadership transitions within a congregation; coaching associate pastors appointed to become lead pastors; coaching pastors who transition from a congregation without a staff or with a small staff to a congregation with a multiple staff; assessing the life of a congregation six months after a clergy leadership transition; coaching and empowering lay leadership; building healthy systems of accountability and trust. This delivery system of providing accredited coaches will inspire confidence and trust among recipients. Assigned coaches will not only share a Wesleyan vision of ministry and mission but come with the guarantee that they meet the required standards of excellence of the Academy’s coaching “brand.”