• Large Church Pastors’ Retreat

    January 25-27, 2016
    Blockade Runner Resort, Wrightsville Beach, NC


    The Academy for Leadership Excellence presents a Leadership Retreat for Senior and Lead Pastors” of Large Churches focusing on “This worked for Us…” The format of the retreat will include “Ted-talk” like presentations by our NC Conference colleagues followed by Q & A. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity and be encouraged to share their own experiences and resources relative to the topic.

    Topics include:
    Creating a Collaborative Leadership Culture (across staff, laity, and community) – Ned Hill and Carl Frazier
    Keeping Preaching Fresh, Lively, & Contextual (plus developing Sermon Series) – Susan Pate Greenwood and Doug Lain
    Partnership Between First and Second Chair (Lead and Associate Pastors) – Beth Hood and Adam Baker
    Models for Stewardship and Generosity – Powell Osteen, Terry Bryant, Gene Tyson
    The Multisite Church: Leveraging the Power of Strategic Partnership – Jeff Severt and Marty Cauley
    • Staff Evaluations/Assessments that Lead to Growth – Pat Litzinger

    WhenJanuary 25-27, 2016

    WhereBlockade Runner Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC

    The cost of the retreat is $195. The program cost includes all meals except Tuesday night dinner and hotel cost.

    To receive the group room rate, hotel reservations at Blockade Runner Resort are to be made by each individual participant by January 8, 2016. Call Blockade Runner Resort reservations line at
    1-800-541-1161 and reserve your room today!

    This is an ecumenical event with a large church defined as having an average worship attendance of at least 300 in worship.

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  • Providing Support for Veterans and their Families Dealing with Trauma and Moral Injury

    March 8, 2016, 9am-3pm
    Edenton Street UMC,  Raleigh, NC


    This daylong seminar invites you to explore how religious leaders and communities might respond more effectively to the needs of veterans through a reactivation of resources within the Christian tradition and an exploration of current research on PTSD and moral injury. Placing the realities of veterans returning home in both clinical and theological perspective, we will examine the challenges and opportunities of engaging in veteran care.

    The morning session situates trauma within a theological framework, by rethinking how narratives of cross and resurrection might be reinterpreted through a post-traumatic lens. It will invite you to enter into sacred texts in new ways, animating the biblical story in order to form communities of care that meet, rather than gloss over, the difficult realities of war.

    The afternoon session explores how Christian congregations and communities can walk faithfully and supportively with veterans returning from war. It will explore the psychological and spiritual context of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and moral injury, specific needs of returning veterans, and practical ways for congregations to respond.


    Seminar Leaders:

    Dr. Shelly Rambo
    is Associate Professor of Theology at Boston University School of Theology. Her research and teaching interests focus on religious responses to suffering, trauma, and violence, and her book, Spirit and Trauma: A Theology of Remaining, develops a theology of the Spirit in response to the interdisciplinary study of trauma. Her current book project, Resurrecting Wounds in the Afterlife of Trauma, re-approaches the meaning of resurrection in Christian theology in light of the reality of post-traumatic wounding. Most recently, she developed a module titled, “Theological Rethinking of Trauma and Suffering,” as part of the VA Mental Health & Chaplaincy Video Training series that was a collaborative effort to provide a higher quality of patient-centered care for veterans and service members. Inspired by the work of military chaplains, she was instrumental in designing Boston University School of Theology’s M.Div. track in Chaplaincy. She also serves as a faculty leader in Boston University’s Religion and Conflict Transformation program.

    Dr. Warren Kinghorn is a psychiatrist whose work centers on the role of religious communities in caring for persons with mental health problems and on ways in which Christians engage practices of modern health care. Jointly appointed within Duke Divinity School and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Duke University Medical Center, he is a staff psychiatrist and clinical teacher at the Durham VA Medical Center. Within the Divinity School, he works closely with students and faculty members interested in exploring the ways in which theology and philosophy might constructively inform Christian engagement with modern medicine and psychiatry. He is also co-director of the Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative. His current scholarly interests include the moral and theological dimensions of combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder, the applicability of virtue theory to the vocational formation of pastors and clinicians, and the contributions of the theology and philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas to contemporary debates about psychiatric diagnosis, psychiatric technology, and human flourishing.


    Eventbrite - Providing Support for Military and their Families

  • NC Preaching Festival

    April 25-27, 2016
    St. Mark’s UMC, Raleigh, NC


    Inspiring the next generation of preaching excellence…

    The North Carolina Preaching Festival engages clergy in the excellence of preaching and nurturing excitement for the work of proclaiming the word. This year, our Preaching Festival will focus on how preachers must locate themselves and root God’s word in particular places and among particular people. You will hear our guest preachers talk about how they have found ways to move in among their neighbors – going from Text to Context. You will hear our preachers talk about how to find a word for their people in the times and places where they find themselves, and how to sustain a life of incarnational preaching.

    “The Word became flesh and blood,
    and moved into the neighborhood.”

    The Gospel according to John reminds us that Jesus, the Word, took on flesh and moved in among us. Something in the preached word, proclaimed each week among the Lord’s gathered people, continues this movement “into the neighborhood.”

    This three-day festival will draw in pastors planted in local congregations, who understand the weekly challenges and blessing of nurturing “the preaching life” and speaking to a particular people. The festival will begin on Monday at 1pm and conclude on Wednesday at 12:30.

    For more information, please go to the NC Preaching Festival website: www.ncpreachingfestival.org

    Eventbrite - NC Preaching Festival

  • Post Modern Ministry and Congregational Life Cylces

    April 20, 2016
    Edenton Street UMC, Raleigh, NC


    The Academy for Leadership Excellence presents “Post Modern Ministry (generations under 45) and Congregational Life Cycle (identifying current cycles and steps to start a new cycle)” a Day of Learning facilitated by Doug Anderson.

    Eventbrite - Post Modern Ministry and Congregational Life Cycle

  • 2016 Upcoming Events:

    The Academy for Leadership Excellence has exciting plans for 2016!  Here are a few more events we are working on…


    Days of Learning:

    April 20, 2016- “Post Modern Ministry (generations under 45) and Congregational Life Cycles (identifying current cycles and steps to starting a new cycle)” facilitated by Doug Anderson

    April 21, 2016- “Making the Good Move: Transitions in Ministry” facilitated by Doug Anderson.  This event is sponsored by Bishop Hope Morgan Ward and the Appointive Cabinet.

    September 15, 2016 “The Seasons of Ministry”  presented by Bishop Will Willimon.

    September 2016-Launch of Project Bountiful Year 3.


    Please continue to check our website for more details!

  • Leadership Fellows 2016 Dates:

    January 25 and 26
    February 22 and 23
    April 4 and 5
    May 9and 10
    August 8 and 9
    September 19 and 20
    October 24 and 25
    November Banquet

  • Project Bountiful Year 2 Retreats:

    September 11 and 12, 2015
    November 12 and 14, 2015
    January 8 and 9, 2016
    March 11 and 12, 2016
    May 13 and 14, 2016


  • January 25-27, 2016

    Large Church Pastors’ Retreat

    Location: Blockade Runner Resort, Wrghtsville, NC

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  • March 8, 2016

    Providing Support for Veterans and their Families Dealing with Trauma and Moral Injury

    Location: Edenton Street UMC

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