Fellows Class of 2014 / 2015

  • Trish Archer
    Pastor, Pine Valley UMC-Wilmington

    Patricia, a Deacon and former school teacher, is the Pastor of Discipleship at Pine Valley UMC.   Trish has “experienced God’s guidance and faithfulness through her years of service in the local church as well as through service in the Annual Conference.” She has been an active member in the North Carolina Annual Conference since a young age.  Trish and her husband, Noah have one son, Will, and a beloved dog named Hank.  She “is thankful for the opportunity to grow as a disciple of Christ and as a leader in the Church.  Her hope is that she will not only strengthen her current skills but also cultivate her unrealized skills for bold leadership into the future.”

  • Dan Baer
    Pastor, Newland UMC-Newland

    Dan, an aspiring sky diver, enjoys bowling, walking, collecting eagles and lighthouses.  He “committed his life to Christ at the age of eighteen on a youth retreat.  He has enjoyed being a Pastor and leading others in disciple making and worship.”  Through the Fellows Program, Dan “hopes to be a better leader and to be able to know the resources available for rural churches.” Dan would also like to acquire the skills to develop leadership visions.

  • Rose Bottari
    Pastor, North River/Straits -Beaufort

  • Dale Crisp
    Laity, Harkers Island UMC- Harkers Island

    Dale and his wife, Gale, both retired from their careers in Raleigh and moved to Harkers Island.  They are now active members of Harkers Island UMC.  Dale enjoys golfing, boating, and wood working.  He believes that: “GOD has blessed him every day all his life and he is so thankful for the grace and mercy given to him.”  He hopes to gain through the Fellows program “new friendships and new skills to help advance the mission of his church and in the community by following the example of Christ.”

  • Michele Clark
    Pastor, Eureka UMC-Eureka

    Michele and her husband, Bob, are both pastors in the North Carolina Conference.  They have three adult children and one grandson.  Michele loves to golf, fish, read, and spend time with her family.  Michele “grew up in a Christian home but did not attend church regularly and did not have a relationship with Jesus.   As an adult, she went through some serious events with her teenage sons.  Jesus lifted her up and carried her through this difficult time.  She has since “dedicated her life to Him through Pastoral ministry and helping others understand that Jesus will help them too.”  Through the Fellows Program, Michele “wishes to learn more about herself as a leader.” She also hopes to “learn new ways and useful tools for leadership in a local congregation.  She longs to be the best leader and Pastor God created her to be so she can bring God all the glory.”

  • Ginny Crocker
    Laity, Newland UMC- Newland

    Ginny, a retired Nurse Practitioner enjoys reading books that strengthen her faith.  She is blessed with two grandchildren. She confesses “that she was a sinner and was saved by Christ. Her faith continues to deepen and she is grateful to God who has blessed her beyond measure.” Ginny would “like servant leadership to be a part of who she is as a child of God. She has already started this process and “prays to strengthen” her skills through the Fellows program.

  • Craig Ham
    Pastor, Genesis UMC -Cary

    Craig has been married to his high school sweetheart, Marla, for thirty years.  They have one daughter.  Craig loves to play music and golf with friends. “At an early age he always felt he would serve the church in some capacity…but never as a pastor.  Yes, God has a gigantic sense of humor.  Craig is thankful God has always provided for his every need.” This has enabled Craig to continue to “pursue the call He has placed on Craig’s life.”  Through the Fellows Program, Craig hopes “to continue to grow as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.”

  • Sandra Jones
    Laity, Eureka UMC

    Sandra, a retired English Teacher/Media Coordinator, grew up in Eureka UMC.  She has served as a “Sunday School teacher, Education Director, and Pastor Parish Relations chairman. She is currently the Finance Secretary and is looking forward to becoming Lay Leader in 2014.” Sandra has two children and two grandchildren. She enjoys hand-quilting, designing, and creating quilt tops. She hopes to gain a “greater understanding of what it is needed to be an effective Christ-directed leader in a small church.”

  • Brian Lee
    Laity, Wesleyan UMC -Wilmington

    Brian, a small business owner, is happily married to his best friend Cheryl.  They have two young sons and keep busy by raising chickens and keeping bees. Brian believes that having children has “taught him more about God’s nature than any book, class or sermon.”  Through the Fellows Program, Brian is looking to “grow personally and spiritually.”

  • Shelly Mountain
    Laity, Murfreesboro UMC -Murfreesboro

  • Lynn Mull
    Laity, Genesis UMC-Raleigh

    Lynn, a retired Progress Energy/Duke Power Manager, has three daughters and five grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to National Parks, reading, biking, hiking and crafting.  Lynn “grew up in a Christian family and her faith continues to mature as she does.” Through the Fellows program, “Lynn would like to gain knowledge of how she can better lead and serve others.  She hopes to better understand herself as a leader and how to use her God-given talents as a leader at church and in everyday life.”

  • Larry Robinson
    Pastor, Harry Hosier UMC -Fayetteville

    Larry “loves playing tennis and watching tennis on TV when Rafael Nadal is playing.” “As his faith journey continues to move in directions and places he never thought he would come to know, he finds himself even more thankful to God and to those whom God has placed in his life to make this possible. He better understands the struggles he has experienced both in his life and in the ministry as God’s Holy Spirit continues to help him navigate through each.” Through the Fellows program, Larry “not only expects to become a more effective leader, but he also want to understand the process as he works and bonds in covenant with others in pursuit of this objective.”

  • Jeanne Scott
    Laity, Pine Valley UMC -Wilmington

    Jeanne and her husband, Wesley, have two grown daughters, four beautiful grandchildren and they love spending time with their family.  Jeanne also enjoys Bible study, sewing, painting, traveling and gardening.  Her least favorite activity is cooking!  Jeanne “never considered herself a leader, just an eager follower.  Her faith story began “before she was born to two devoutly Christian parents who served generously in the Lutheran Church.  Her spouse grew up in a Christian home in a United Methodist community.”  Together they raised their daughters on the same path.   Her “church” life was just that for many years – “participating and serving at church. But through illnesses and miracles, joblessness and miracles, financial struggles and miracles, teenage disasters and more miracles, God became REAL.  She no longer sees pictures of Jesus on the wall.  She sees a “flesh and blood” best friend.”  She wants to “never lose her hunger for her church and all that it offers to bring people to Christ.” Through the Fellows program, Jeanne “wants to gain diligence and discipline in spending dedicated one-on-one time with God.  She wants His name to be the first in the morning and the last at night.  She wants to know how to share that desire with others.”

  • Gretchen Shea
    Laity, Soapstone UMC -Raleigh

    Gretchen, who earned a master’s degree in Christian Education in 2003, is married to her best friend and has three wonderful sons.  She grew up on the Eastern shore of Maryland and “truly appreciates the beauty of God’s creation!” As a daughter of a Methodist pastor, she has spent her life “surrounded by wonderful church mentors.”  As the Director of Discipleship, Gretchen hopes to gain from the Fellows program “leadership skills that will help her in the transition from youth ministry to discipleship ministry and to discern more fully how she can best serve God and the church.”

  • Susan Smith
    Laity, Fuquay-Varina UMC -Fuquay-Varina

    Susan, the proud mother of three and a part-time accountant, enjoys singing, reading and the beach.  In her leadership journey, she has learned “that God wastes nothing and uses every prior experience to prepare her for what He has planned next.  Following Him is a great adventure!” Susan realizes “that a desire or willingness to serve is not enough to lead people. She needs practical leadership skills to help people work together for our common mission.”

  • Pat Thornberry
    Laity, North River/Straits -Beaufort

    Pat, a registered nurse, has six children, thirteen grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren! She is an active member at North River and enjoys being involved in her community. Pat “met Christ face to face as she lay on a hillside after being thrown from a car in an accident when she was 19.  Her faith has been bumpy at times but she is so blessed and thankful that HE has been patient and forgiving and that she is on the right road and He is right there beside her.”  She hopes to “gain the ability to get other Christians excited for the Lord.”

  • Valerie Tyson
    Pastor, Fuquay-Varina UMC -Fuquay-Varina

    Valerie serves as Pastor at Fuquay-Varina UMC alongside her husband of 3 years who also serves as a Pastor.  She enjoys searching for treasures at roadside flea markets and discovering great restaurants. Valerie was surprised “when God called her into pastoral ministry particularly at a later stage in life.”  Valerie “would like to further develop and strengthen good leadership skills that will enable her to be more confident and effective.”

  • Faustina Walker
    Laity, Harry Hosier UMC -Fayetteville

    Faustina, a Medical Support Assistant, is the mother of four children and the grandmother of four grandchildren. In her free time, Faustina enjoys sewing and crafts.  Faustina “joined the church at age twelve; and didn’t have a clear understanding of what faith meant.  It wasn’t until she was much older and married that she began to understand what it meant to depend on God.  Each experience has brought her closer to understand that without God I am nothing.” Through the Fellows program, Faustina hopes to gain the skills to become a more effective leader.

  • Bradley Williams
    Pastor, Harkers Island UMC -Harkers Island

    Bradley and his wife Suzanne have four grown children.  Bradley has many interesting hobbies. He has “traveled to Kenya each year for the past fifteen years for missions work. He has lived in England for a year to fill in as a pastor at a Methodist Church.  He has also worked as a commercial pilot.”  Through his leadership journey, Bradley believes “that the longer he has been a Christ follower, the more he learns and the more grace he has for those that don’t see it exactly the way he does.”  His favorites phrase to live by is “It’s not about me.”  His favorite quote comes from Pope John 23rd, “See everything, overlook a great deal, correct little.”  Through the Fellows program, he hopes to learn and grow through the formal planned material and his interactions with others.

  • David Woodhouse
    Pastor, Wesleyan UMC -Wilmington

    David and his wife Andi are co-pastors at Wesleyan Chapel. They have two adult daughters, and two grandsons. David enjoys being outdoors, walking, weight lifting, interacting with people and animals, reading through the Bible, kayaking, and small boat sailing. David has “been blessed to serve in a variety of settings and has enjoyed the people and places where God has called him to pastor.  God’s Holy Spirit has been the source of any effectiveness that he may have experienced.  He is always seeking out opportunities to grow and development as a person.” He looks forward to learning through participation in the Fellows Program. David wants to “to continue growing into the person and leader that God desires for him to be.  He wants to develop friendships with like-minded souls who are also committed to serving the church. David hopes to learn from others who are gifted leaders.  He wants Wesleyan Chapel and the other congregations impacted by his participation in the Fellows Program to thrive to the glory of God.”

  • Monica Yungeberg
    Pastor, Murfreesboro UMC -Murfreesboro